Saturday, 10 August 2013

Takeley FC

Saturday 10th August 2013 kick off 15:00 hrs.

Essex Senior League

Takeley 3 v London APSA 0
Station Road,
Essex CM22 6SG

Attendance : 58
Weather : Sunny
Customer Service : Good
In an attempt, to freshen up the blog here's one of the new features we will be trialling over the next weeks - the "collage effect" picture - as always we would appreciate your feedback on this - as you know we aim to continuously improve everything we do here at Flysouth HQ. 
If first impressions are anything to go by - Takeley looks like a "normal" village town. However, - never judge a book by the cover readers - so fear not - your roving reporter decided to peer behind the net curtains and look what we've found for you. 
Looks like the previous inhabitants of this dwelling, could see the writing on the wall (i.e. our old friend urban decay creeping in) and decided to "up sticks" literally.  
This is has now been confirmed - and the cause ? = Urban or in this case - countryside decay. 
The epidemic has also spread to the local Indian restaurant. 
and for good measure who would live in an "out building" like this? Does not look too bad really. The structure looks sound (bricks and mortar you see) add some new roof tiles, cut the grass and this one bedroom house with beautiful views of the Essex countryside could easily fetch in the region of £150 k plus in today's current market - worth a punt ?  
This is probably one of the most secure grounds I've visited - any problems you can always "bell security" haw haw.
Here's one of those increasingly common Australian wheelbarrows. Apparently they've dug a grave for the last referee. It's a case of "Take that" at Takeley.
Signage for another security firm - Dare I say it, but I think they are paranoid about security at this ground. It's only Essex Senior after all, oh I get it Essex that's were all the "crims" live - Messer's Oaks and Thropy are two fine pillars of society for sure?
Here's Oaks taking root at another ground. I think he is taking this ground hopping lark a bit too serious folks. Can someone please tell him you are supposed to move onto a different ground.
Alongside the football ground is a disused railway station - as the sign suggests.
Here's the old ticket office and platform.
This one gives you a feel for where the track use to run.
The best thing about a disused railway station - is that the trains can never be late - quote a well known railway man who has recently "branched" into an acting career - and who is currently on a Hollywood "shoot" - Hollywood Bowl Romford to be precise !   
Here's a pile of old rocks.
Here's another of Oaks.
Takely FC are an ambitious club, who have plans to join the Isthmian League. Last season they just missed out on promotion by three points as a result of fielding an ineligible player resulting in a points deduction. Plus a small of ground grading.
Following a fire of the old wooden shack (cough insurance job) that served as changing facilities, volunteers and supporters have built a first class pavilion with excellent facilities recently. In the picture above, you can see the construction of what looks to be a "cow shed" style stand - unfortunately they've opted for a breeze block construction. Give it 10/15 years and this structure will need some "rework" - you can't beat bricks and mortar - believe you me.
Can you see the damp creeping in on this breeze block bus shelter - I rest my case your honour.
Where's the APSA defence?
Here's the APSA left back who was turned inside and out all game. 


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