Saturday, 10 July 2010

Leicester City FC

On the way back from a fishing expedition in deepish Leicestershire, I managed to make a detour to LCFC as follows:

The new ground has given LCFC an opportunity to celebrate Gary Line...acre's (courtesy of Mike  Channon World Cup pundit 1986) contribution to the club - this is reflected by naming a road -  Lineker's Way and the mural above.

If the game is a bit might get a few sparks from the electricity pylons which over look the ground nice!!

A side view of the ground.

The ground was closed, but  I managed to obtain a few "spy" shots of the ground.


In addition to celebrating Gary Lineker's service to LCFC...the Walker's Crisp brand is equally well served..Is there any connection here??

LCFC fan's have an opportunity to rest in peace at the Walker's Stadium.

The Club's badge is nicely portrayed on the ground.

The main reception at the ground.

The ticket office was closed...a sign of the times.

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