Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Millwall F.C

Tuesday 12th  April 19:45 kick off

nPower Championship
Millwall FC 0 v Bristol City 0

The New Den
Zampa Road
London SE10

Attendance 11,108

I was a liitle bit nervous about my visit, given Millwall's reputation in the 80's.Do you remember the pitch invasion at Luton's ground in 1985? Which led to the introduction of membership schemes. Even Oaksey, a man who is not afraid to dress up as a giant bee or a cow to name a few - gave this one a miss...or did he?

The Match day programme - sorry wrong one.

Admission to the lion's den.

Harry is not on the teamsheet
No mention of Harry in the match day programme either - For Glyn the bar man at the Prince Albert , the Butler's local in Ely
Welcome to Millwall
Oaksey knocking on the side panel "Harry are you in there"?
A highly recommended establishment - the Fish and Chips are excellent
The approach to the Den....be afraid, very afraid!!!
View of the West stand
A hark back to the good old days...Cold blow lane
Andros Townsend on loan from Spurs - probably the only two sensible people at the ground. Okay, I accept the fact there is only one before you mention it..
The calvary get into position. Looks like General Custer's last stand.
No sign of Harry in here either.
He must of heard that Oaksey had done an "Anderton", so decided to advantage of his absence.
LBD can you help LCD park his coach please.

Who are the oldest and most organised firm on the mainland, yes that's right the Old Bill
Oaksey at the national
Ummh, I bet it is nice waking along here at night.
I found Harry's hide out, but the security looks a bit serious.
I knew Oaksey would not let me down, he has gone under cover as a mascot (again) to infiltrate the Millwall mob.
Oaksey leads the charge...
City on the attack.

Waiting for Millwall's corner
The mob are getting restless.
He's bottled it!
David James looks on
Is this Harry?
So this is what happened to poor old tigga ,when he visted the Den
Once again, Flysouth finds himself alone in no man's land surrounded by mayhem. How will get out of this one? To be continued at a football ground near you.

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