Sunday, 27 March 2011

Emirates Stadium

International Friendly Match
Sunday 27th March 2011 @ 14:00 hrs

Brazil 2 v Scotland 0

Arsenal Football Club
Emirates Stadium
London N5 1BU

Attendance 53,807

So Arsenal fans know where to get off!
It was a truly colourful day.
Filled with street vendors
The Tartan Army arrives!
Typical - I do all the groundwork and.....

and my mate Roger muscles in ...that's life!

So that's what happened to Harry the Dog.
Miners and friends...South Yorkshire Police are about to make a charge - Younger subscribers - "google" coal not dole for more info.

See I told you so.

Somebody put graffiti on that nice new stadium.
Brazil fans in full flow
Saluting the ground...hee hee.

The Brazil coach arrives

The drummers getting ready for....
Brazil in London??
Blackpool Tartan Army???
Programme £3, Ticket £35, Spurs taking the p*** at the Emirates "priceless"
Oaksey had a day off - but we clearly have a pretender to the throne - are they a Hull City fan?
More flags..just like Glastonbury
Oh yes ..I nearly forget about the game - had such a good time outside.
The customary panoramic view...not a bad ground I suppose lol
Brazil take a free kick
Brazil pile on the pressure
One for the Spurs fans - Sandro middle warming up...luckily he played the last five mins - so no chance of getting injured.
XL Teamsheet

Here we go - lets get the ball rolling
Slightly "skew wiff" teamsheet

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  1. Looks like you had a great time,what a great shame there was a game of footie on as well.