Friday, 22 April 2011

Bickleigh F.C

Friday 22nd April 15:30 pm

Carlsberg South West Peninsula  : Division 1 East
Ground Hop Match No 3

Bickleigh 1 v Appledore 1

Attendance: 478
The bridge at Bickleigh which crosses the River Exe - note that the bridge forms part of the club enblem see programme below. There is not much else in Bickleigh, apart from the bridge and two pubs -I suppose nothing else is really needed if you have two pubs! 

Prog No 3

Another exaple of Pacesetter in action
Another picturesque ground

Caution ground hopping can serious affect your health...a broken arm in the some cases! You have been warned - please do not try this at home.

The well stocked clubhouse
Appledore put one over the bar - similar to Blackpool.
Even Sven is geeting in on the grounhopping lark - or is that bed hopping in Sven's case. Please no lawsuits.
Ah the hills are alive with the sound of football songs lol!
Two for the price of one - LCD!

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