Monday, 3 May 2010

Horley Town FC

Horley Town FC

Horley Town 3 v Cove F.C 2

The New Defence
Court Lodge Rd

                                                                        Match Programme - with admission - good VFM

Welcome to Horley F.C

Horley's line up - are they looking for the opposition or a "tear up" - probably both!!

It is lonely life being a lino!!

Horley's new goalie in training ??

The the way they do Chessey Chips Captain and they were rather good..sorry all gone!!

Another shot of Horley's mainstand ..this would not look out of place in some Championship grounds ..are you watching West Ham!

Flysouth going on his hols!

You what a blank Team sheet! - Is the sign of the times or end of season malaise?

The away end

In keeping with the avaition theme set by my earlier visit to Bedfont Sports - I decided to visit another ground by an airport - Gatwick - this was literally a case of Flysouth.

A Pieman - this is not Pies and Mushy peas by the way - watch out Captain -you know!

Horley's first half penalty..this went in by the way..hope Chris Waddle was watching!!

The Flag of a rack sack of course

A last minute freekick on Horley's goal

Who are yer, Who are yer !!!

Midfield action in front of Horley's "Impressive" Mainstand/Clubhouse

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