Saturday, 3 September 2011

Chesterfield FC

Saturday 3rd September 2011 Kick Off 15:00 hrs

Chesterfield 0 v Leyton Orient FC 0
nPower League 1 
B2net Stadium
1866 Sheffield Rd
Whittington Moor
Chesterfield S41 8NZ

Attendance 6,917
Weather Sunny


Messers Gilligan and Oakes meet Robert Stephenson
Chesterfield is famous for its crooked church spire
The day was very eventful all round, not only did the crew manage to attend a football ground, numerous public houses,they also attend two weddings..this is wedding number 1 - more to follow.
The mascot game is dead is Oaksey in his new role as Parker - "yes my lady" - only one problem- Lady Penolpe is behind the steering wheel. No change there - Oaksey is always "under manners".
We also managed to meet in an Orient fan "Kevin" in the Rutland PH - see they do exist!
For some the combination of beer and sun proved to be too much! 
Here we go a quick divorce and we are on the way to wedding number two - met the family ! It is funny how the wedding presents always look the same?-
Local lottery winner - Karen Child kindly gave some of her "fortune" to Chesterfield FC - in return she got a stand named after her. I think she was short changed - what do you say?
Who eat all the pies ? Oaksey or the mascot - hang on I thought they were the same person! Has Oaksey got a mascot double - is that you Sheriff - hence your alledged no show on the day?
Pieman Flysouth - says Chesterfield make exceeding good pies....shame about the team.
The hopping crew - who are 're yer - answers on a postcard please Freepost 100 PS
Chesterfield early claim for a pen...after that the game filtered out - hence not many actions pics this week - sorry readers - but I am sure Oaksey's antics will keep you amused.

Chesterfield's new ground in all it's glory.
Oaks junior gets a tattoo - like father like son lol!!
Chesterfield's barmy army!
This gentlemen kindly sums it all up in one.
Oaksey has a go at the away fans coach - see next month's Crimewatch for more on this.
The end - escape from Chesterfield.

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