Saturday, 23 April 2011

Camelford F.C

Saturday 23rd April 15:00pm

Carlsberg  South West Peninsula : Division 1 West
Ground Hop No 6
Trefrew Park

Camelford 4 v Foxhole Stars 0

Attendance 333

Penultimate Prog

The North Bank at Camelford - next season they plan to mount plasma screens on the fencing behind. These will be the first non league executive boxes

A panoramic view of the Camel's ground

Question - Under the rules of pacesetter are you allowed to use post it notes as well?
                             Answers on a postcard to The Captain 100 PS.

Ah offside!!!!

The Cornish mist begins to drift in
Hopper types in the mainstand
A skirmish on the edge of the Camelford's box
Camelford strike a freekick
It is not easy being a groundhopper - in fact it can be dangerous at times - this hopper is worried that the other arm might get broken!

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