Saturday, 14 January 2012

Nottingham Forest FC

Saturday 14th January 2012

Nottingham Forest 0 Southampton 3
The City Ground

Attendance: 20221
Weather: Cold but bright
Customer Service: Bloody awful
92 Club No 46 of 92

Ye olde trip to Jerusalem - the oldest pub in England. The pub is actually set in the rock of Nottingham Castle. Apparently one day the Pieman was supping his pint in here and  a few fragments of rock fell in his pint - and no his was not drinking Rolling Rock lol...but he does dress like Fred Flintsone now!

Excellent news - I can confirm that urban decay is rife in Nottingham!

Notts County FC - One for next season - what do you reckon Mr Oaks? 
On the way to Trent Bridge - I came across this interesting arms dealer - who is a genuine Govt surplus dealers..what did I find?
Could come in handy for this summer's Tottenham know how we like a set to with the law ever so often.
and if you need a quick getaway....

and I even came across old Oakes in disguise collecting his teamsheet! Need to do something with the socks mate!
Forest's ground banks onto the River Trent
The rowing team(crew?) are more successful than the footy team these days
Floodlights for streetlamps on Trent Bridge - Bizarre.
The River Trent - again!

Where''s Maid Marion -Oakesy?
Trouble at Mill? Or should that be bridge?
A slim downed of Andy Reid (es Spurs) goes throu' his pies - sorry paces

Oh yes there was a match, suppose I better include some pictures for you - otherwise "you know who" will only moan!

The VAT and Fiddle PH - How apt?

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