Wednesday, 24 August 2011

West Ham United FC

Wednesday 24th August 2011

Carling Cup Round 1

West Ham Utd 1 v Aldershot Town FC 2

The Boleyn Ground
Green Street
Upton Park
London E13

Attendance: 19,897
Weather: Fine

Pie 'n' Mash - essential pre match meal when you visit the Hammers - Just ask Harry Redcheeks - Try Duncan's Queen St opposite Upton Park tube - all advertising rights reserved.

Another nice appartment for you Mr P - this could be your City residence - handy for the office - you could even get in before midday!

The famous Hammers club badge - which stikes fear into the hearts of many championship sides (apart from their good friends at Millwall)
West Ham's contribution to England's World Cup sucess in 1966 -  One for the Press Officer!
The Hammers are very friendly bunch - they have their own social club - see top right hand corner
Never been so busy!!
Trevor Brooking is so popular he has his own stand.
Aldershot give the Hammers a scare
Note the distance from the stand to the touch line - Is this in preparation for their move to the Olympic Stadium? I.e Get the fans use to the idea of a running track around the pitch?
Aldershot equaliser and the home fans get shirty - and the stewards get ready
Exodus - "movement of the people" - as Aldershot go 2 -1 up!
Final score -  The shock of the round
On the way home I bumped into Oaksey and friend - I told him to keep his paws of the seat - otherwise the local train drivers willl have words!

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