Sunday, 22 January 2012

Manchester City FC

Sunday 22nd January kick off 13:30

Manchester City 3 v  2 Tottenham Hotspur FC
Etihad Stadium
Etihad Campus
Manchester M11 3FF

Attendance : 47,422
Weather: Wet Wet Wet
Customer service: not tested
92 Club 48 of 92

Clive Parnell watches his brother do a Poznan

 Salford has been re developed and is now known as Media City - which is home to a number of museum - first up is this fine building - Imperial War Museum North (focus on the War of the Roses lol). In keeping with traditional you can see the Hovis factory in the background.
 The BBC have relocated from White City - hence the name Media City
Looks like ITV will be following suit
More of Media City - the bridge connects to Trafford Park - home of, yes you guessed it ....Howard Webb's favourite team! 
 The three stooges
So that's what happened to Bez (far left) from the Happy Mondays!
More of Media City - what a difference a day makes!
Richard Ashcroft - The Verve - He of the "drugs don't work fame" - apparently he prefers a nice cup of tea these days - like yours truly .
  Looking for Eric by Ken Loach ..when seagulls follow the trawler....
Now for some Culture - Going to the match by LS Lowry 1953. The ground is Burden Park ex home of Bolton Wands. The ground was only a few minutes from his home, so we cannot really class him as a ground hopper lol
Now for some trash - Britain's got talent - I prefer the Oakes Factor anyway!
 They even let me drive the tram
See no harm done

Oakes in ten years time.
 Hey look what I found in a glass cabinet - time for a sing along "God save the queen , she ain't no human being , made you a moron, a potential H bomb"

The Seven Oaks - I only know four - who are the other three?
The one that got away.

To be continued....

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