Saturday, 24 December 2011

Dorking Wanderers F.C

Saturday 24th December Kick Off 13:30

Dorking Wanderers 3 v Storrington 2
Sussex County League Division 2

London Road
Surrey RH5 6DB

Attendance: 184
Weather :Sunny and not too cold
Customer Service : Good

Football: Wherever it may be (Laurence Reade)

Pie and Mushy Peas (The Captain)

Modus Hopper Random (Graham Yapp)

Cluelessillinformedandanidiot (Michael Green)

A rare item - sold out on the day due to the influx of ground hoppers

Hoppersville USA
 The referee is a very important person around here - he has his own shed.
The Wanderers go through their routines
For fellow colleagues thinking undertaking this years Snowdonia challenge - I think I've found the idea training ground - Boxhill - I recommend daily hikes at twice a day - see you up there!
A closer view - still tempted? Or a little bit nervous now?
 The tea hut - essential for a successful ground hop - also do a mean "bacon roll" as well!
The big KO
There was no Christmas spirit in this game as the tackles went in from the off.
Jumpers for goalposts?
Still up for Snowdonia?
First goal to Storrington - Offside ? You decide.
The Pieman knocks the ball back to the keeper..sign him up!
Goal number two for Storrington.
For those in the know - Chief ground hopper - Kris Romanski
Stuck in the mud
A fine crowd for a Christmas eve game
and this is where I ended up for afternoon tea if. Westhumble is certainly one of the better places I've visited recently - and as you know theres' been a few. Sorry Mr P , no traces of urban decay in these parts. Must try harder next time.

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