Thursday, 28 July 2011

Charlton Athletic FC

Tuesday 26th July 2011 kick off 19:45hrs

Pre season friendly - People's Cup

Charlton 1 v FC Den Bosch 0
The Valley
Floyd Rd

Attendance 3,947
Weather Overcast
A case of what the Butler saw!

Welcome to tonight's game

As always signage for you John P

A sign of the times - Charlton's tired old badge

A Charlton legend - Stan Bartram

Not a site for sore eyes

A wider view of the Valley

Into the Valley...hey was n't that a song by the classic Scottish punk group the "Skids" - Colin can you help us 'ere mate! Ps Are you still working for the Yankee dollar?

Chris Powell the Charlton manager thanks Sven for his England cap

The team's get ready to contest the Peace Cup or is it the plastic stool cup?
The line ups

Bradley Wright Phillips scores the only goal of the game
Gary Doherty ex Spurs defender - he was quite unique - he would score a goal and then feel guilty - so to make matters even he would score an own goal. Sometimes he would be the only goal scorer in the match - what a star!

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