Friday, 22 April 2011

Witheridge F.C

Friday 22nd April 07:00pm

Carlsberg South West Peninsula  : Premier Division 1
Ground hop match No 4
Edge Park
Fore St
Witheridge Tiverton
Devon EX16 8AH

Witheridge 1 v Cullompton Rangers 0

Attendance 423

NB With five minutes to go there was a mass brawl and four players were sent off - two from each side.

Prog No 4

This was the nearest I could find to "you know who" on the hop!
Just what you need after  a hard days hopping - the Codfather
Doing a roaring trade don't tell Parnell - about their zero rated sales of cold fish...nudge nudge wink wink.
View from the corner...sorry could n't resist that one. Last one I promise.

Pacemaker again
The mainstand
Heads up
Things are getting heated now..the first of many cards to follow.

Which leads to a mass brawl...reminds me of my trip to Millwall
Round two
One of the four sent off.

The village stocks - for those who get sent off!

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