Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Cambridge City FC

Wednesday 7th August 2013 Kick Off 19:45 hrs

Cambridge City 0 v Tottenham Hotspur X1 5
Pre Season Friendly / Testimonial for Messer's Roberts & Chaffey

The Glass World Stadium
Bridge Road
CB24 9PH

Attendance: 850
Customer Service : Good
Weather : Fine
Welcome to Histon FC readers - the new home of Cambridge City FC - you must remember our coverage of the last seasons final game at Milton Road?
Some familiar faces here - can you spot them?
In deep discussions regarding the Butler's movie contract.
Once upon a time the Pieman was incognito - now he wants to be in every picture. Don't think much of your method acting buddy - see the Butler for some lessons. 
Meet the Histon Hillbillies.
Historian (far left) makes history of a horse!!
The young Spurs players go through their warm up routine.
Pie and Chips
Side view of the glasshouse.
Here's another bit of history for you.
The Butler's so happy with his contract he tries to push the Drummer over the railings. Apparently, the Drummer once said he would never watch Cambridge City play whilst they ground shared with the Histon hill billies or words to that affect - that did not last long did it.
The Butler straight from the set of his latest film - it is a modern day version of The Railway Children with Jenny Agutter.  It tells the story of how privatisation of the railways lead to sky high fares, an unreliable service with dirty and overcrowded trains. The model was so successful, it has been applied to other sectors i.e. Gas, Telecommunications and in the near future - the Postal Service. Whereby,  it will be more cost effective to hand deliver your own mail. 
The At cost stand.
A stand of two halves to make one new stand - they're clever folk in Cambridge.
Midfield action.
View from the nets.
A little bit of urban for you.

Here's one half of the Go Lighty family
Some proper urban. 
Barcelona Academy product Cristian Ceballos puts he foot on the ball, before making a telling cross.
City on the attack. 
Good night from the glass house. 
PS They also play cricket at Histon - don't tell the Drummer he will go mad. 

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