Saturday, 6 July 2013

Witham Town FC

Saturday 6th July 2013 kick off 13:00hrs

Pre Season Friendly

Witham Town 2 v Billericay Town 1

Spicer McColl Stadium
Spa Road

Weather : Fantastic
Customer Service : Not tested PSF
Attendance: 104
Interesting fact : Olly Murs (Singer/song writer - although both debatable imo) of X factor 2010 fame - played semi pro Witham Town FC - before injury curtailed his footballing career and the rest is all history as they say folk!
The "Community" - or as the politicians will have us believe "we're all in this together" - yeah right - remember it's a Rolls for them and sweet fanny adams for you !  Anarchy in the UK, it's coming sometime maybe - we've had the English Civil War - now for Class War. Do you think the fencing is really friendly and  makes you feel welcome ? A bit like a fart in a spacesuit haw haw.
The sun bought the population of Essex out "en masse".
Here we go - first corner pin shot of the new season - every blog needs one as you well know readers.
More of the Essex massive.
Surprised all that corrugated iron is still there - especially with Oakes living down the road.

Some pre season goal mouth action for you readers.
This could have been an interesting shot - they must have known I was visiting and bolted everything away.
See I told you the shutters were down for this visit.
Managed to find this strange contraption lurking around - which now resides in the boot of Oakesy's post man Pat mobile.
One of the those games, when even the subs could busk in the sun i.e. not much going on.
I'm "up in the air" about this picture - oh what the" heck" I'll put in it!
The enterprising souls at Witham FC have taken advantage of the football ground backing onto the training line, by installing outward facing advertising boards in addition to those inside the ground. A nice touch, although I'm not too sure I would want to see the soles of someones feet when eating a  prawn sandwich courtesy of the train co.  

Note : train going past on the horizon. The 14:46 to Colchester.

WW II turnstile.
Classic lawn mower - probably in NOVA.
The end - or the beginning of a wonderful new season - with lots of opportunity for urban decay. I suppose it all depends on your outlook on life - is the glass half full or empty? - me I prefer to reach for another can just to make sure lol.

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