Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Great Wakering Rovers FC

Wednesday 10th July kick off 19:45 hrs

Pre season friendly
Great Wakering Rovers (GWR) 1 v Billericay Town 2
Burroughs Park
Little Wakering Hall Lane
Great Wakering
Attendance :86
Weather : Excellent - tad chilly towards the end of the eve. thou'
Customer Service : Good
Interesting fact : GWR are Seasick Steve's local team

 The popular music group "Hard-Fi" are proud to be "twinned" with GWR as well. 
Old Skool "Talk and Chalk" - well it is Essex,  and I suspect there is not much call for blackboards in the local schools these days - hey do they have schools in Essex ? Answers on a postcard please to Freepost 100 PS (See Oakes on Monday morning for an envelope or two). I know they have detention centres in Kent - ask Ray Winstone he knows - plus there is a song about one by Sham 69 it goes like this .....
"Sitting in my cell for somethink (sic) I did n't do" 
"Baby I can't wait to get back to you"
  "Gonna jump over that wall real soon"
 "Cos there's gonna be a Borstal Break out"
....repeat to fade. 
 Apparently, when old Oakes got married, this was the first dance...say no more.
Here we have "Nobby's End".

The top two rows are reserved for the Pieman and Co.

Nice bit of brick work The style is "known as English stretcher bond" - if you need a garden wall - then Flysouth is the name :)
This season, I will concentrating mainly on Garden Sheds - Bus shelters are so old hat these days. Not that I'm looking for work - but we do sheds as well.
Loyal GWR fan - RIP.
For their level, and I mean that most sincerely folks (sound familiar?) - The GWR terraces are fantastic.
What a mess ! Our favourite - hey readers.
A handy telephone number to have, if your local Tesco's gets a rush on horse meat steaks. A real possibility given the fine BBQ we are experiencing of late. Tap this number into your I phones now - sorry Pieman I forgot you are still using  a "works" diary - just as good thou'. You get some great Apps - like how many privilege days, telephone numbers for closed offices and my old fav the year planner - great for plotting your sick leave entitlement - don't want a pattern to occur do we now.  
For some strange reason - the green building - reminds me of a caravan - do you get this impression as well or is just me ?
This was supposed to be a friendly, however it was a full bloodied affair as illustrated by the next picture.

This week's spot the ball compo.
More of Nobby's end for you.
The travelling support, affectionately known as "The Billericay Dickies".  Courtesy of the great singer/songwriter - Ian Robins Dury (12/05/42 - 27/03/00) RIP. Here's a few snippets form his classic tune "Billericay Dickie".Please feel free to sing along at home/work or on the train with the Butler.
 "My name is Dickie, I come from Billericay and I'm doing very well",
" had a love affair with Nina"
 "in the back of my Cortina"
 Sorry, I cannot reproduce anymore lyrics, since they're are obscener than a hyena Lol.
Oh come on readers, you must surely remember the classic "Hit me with your rhythm stick" or the controversial "Spasticus Autisticus" now?
The game ended to 2 -1 to the Dickies, however in the 2nd half GWR really pushed on and were unlucky not to equalise as this picture clearly shows.

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