Sunday, 2 June 2013

Worcester City FC

Sunday 2nd June 2013 kick off 14:00hrs.

Worcester City X1 2 v Liverpool Legends 1
St. Georges Lane,

Attendance: 2,249
Weather : Fantastic - a perfect day for watching some end of season footy.
Customer Service : Very helpful.

"All aboard the Flysouth Express" to Worcester....doors closing in five minutes..

Welcome to St Georges Lane for the final game after 108 years - against Liverpool Legends X1.
City's 2-1 victory over the Reds in the Third Round of the FA Cup on the 15th January 1959, unsurprisingly remains the clubs greatest ever achievement. So it seems only right and just that Liverpool are today's opposition. Here's a bit of background to that momentous occasion - City reached the third round for the first time ever by beating Brierley Hill, Chelmsford City and the mighty Millwall 5-2 at home !  I wonder if Harry the Dog was there? Probably not as the ground is still standing. The Liverpool game was originally due to played on Saturday 10th January, but was PP due to a frozen pitch. However, the game was soon re arranged for the following Thursday afternoon. The Reds were on a long unbeaten run at the time, and challenging hard for a return to the top flight. However, it is was the underdogs who took the lead through Tommy Skusse. Soon into the second half City made it 2-0 though Harry Knowles. Soon after the restart Liverpool charged down the pitch and won a penalty - which Geoff Twentyman slotted home. There was a nervy finish to the game, but City held on to win 2-1 and the rest is history as they say.

Before the end of the year, Liverpool parted company with their manager at the time - Phil Taylor (No readers ! Not the darts player Phil "the power" Taylor) He was replaced by Bill Shankly, so maybe Liverpool's rise to fame really did start on a freezing afternoon in Worcester?   
Just behind the ground is St Georges Church built in 1830.

Who lives in a house like this ? Well it's certainly not you or me is it readers? Maybe someone in the Commission lives there on a non domicile basis ? 

Worcester Dispensary 1901. Despite what they tell you, it's true the drugs don't work they just make you worse....but I know I'll see your face again.

It's not just football grounds that are closing down in Worcester.

Sign of the times


Outside the ground, I was lucky enough to bump into the top hopper himself -" Our Graeme from Crosby Liverpool" -who has completed 315 games this season - that's some record! Graeme has now retired from the hopping game and plans to run a garden centre in Formby to pass the time away. However, he plans to keep his hand in by attending Everton home games and the odd midweek non league fixture - so make of that what you will readers. 

Great old skool wooden seats - which are destined for Crystal Palace's Arthur Wait stand and will thus see action in the Premiership. The following season Palace will be back in the Championship, so health and safety will not be an issue.

St Georges Lane backs onto the Worcester and Birmingham Canal - and makes an idyllic setting for a football ground -  it's a shame the bulldozers are moving in.

Now there's an idea - a house boat - an endless supply of ducks and fresh water.

Here's the emergency exit - it's re assuring to know you can easily get an ambulance through this entrance.

This one reminds me of Shrewsbury Town's old ground (Gay Meadow). Shrewsbury coracle maker Fred Davies achieved notability amongst football fans, by a unique service he and his coracle provided by retrieving stray footballs from the River Severn.


Ah yes, Swans as well - they mate for life -  they tell me.

The locks - safe as ever.

Old Webby's a real stickler for "getting the games in" under his own steam (or should that be pedal?). Apparently, he hopes to "hop" his way around the Tour de France this summer. Dave could be the next Bradley Wiggins, so why not get his autograph now - could be nice little earner in years to come.

I know self praise is no praise - but I'm quietly pleased with this picture of the floodlights over the canal - could this be this year's Turner Prize winner - or is that for oils only? Or Tracey Emin's bed?

In the meantime here's some oil based graffiti to get on with.

So readers, I expect you are wondering what will become of Worcester City's old ground? Well, as evidenced by the photographs above and below - a well known construction company has obtained title to the ground and surrounding area whereby they plan to build over 1,000 new homes.

As part of the deal Worcester City entered into a contract with the construction company to build a new stadium five miles away up the M5 known as Nunnery Way. However, after some forensic accounting work undertaken - several "large" financial pitfalls were identified - Worcester City have now walked away from this deal. Not without some financial lost, I hasten to add. Instead they will now ground share with Kidderminster Harriers until a new home is found. So, their future - like so many ground sharers remains unknown.

The construction work is progressing well - only the football ground stands in the way of the developers dreams.

View of St Georges Lane from the canal bridge.

The Brookside Terrace - is filled to the brim today with members of the Corkill family - funny how they are all called Jimmy, Barry or Billy....hey don't forget Terry and Simbad.

Some edge of the box action for you readers.

A close up of the Corkhill family.

End of season Cheval watch - hang on a minute - he is looking the wrong way - the horses are in the pies not on the pitch - those are donkeys.

This week's Lowry for you - feel free to print off and hang in your living room - I will deal with the copyright issues.

The ground also doubles up as art gallery. 

This flag says "We achieve your dreams"  Question: What does that mean ? Answer : Finish seventh in the league. Sorry Sgt Wilko  could not resist that one. 

John Barnes - forget the goal against Brazil at the Maraccana Stadium - what about this spell as Celtic manager?  He deserves far more recognition - sometimes there is no justice in the world.

Here's another one of the art gallery.

Michael Thomas - probably more famous for the two goals he scored in a Woolwich Wanderers shirt on 26th May 1989 to deny Liverpool the title - than anything he did for Liverpool. Looks, like he has tackled himself in this picture.

Walshie - knackered as usual - obviously too much punditry.

From left to right : Don Hutchinson, Johnny Barnes, Alan Kennedy (Famous for Euro Cup 1981 winning goal against Real Madrid in Paris) and a Paul Oakes impersonator - called Mark Wright.

Goal!!! Two one to Worcester City - strangely this is the same result when they last met back in 1953. Do you think this is a fix - let's ask Brucie shall we?

The end of an era for Worcester City FC and the end of Flysouth's season - that's official folks.

I do hope you have enjoyed this season readers - the football may have been rubbish at times - but I trust you agree the people, grounds and cuisine featured have always been interested - okay then some of the time at the very least :)    

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