Tuesday, 23 July 2013

BorehamWood FC

23rd Tuesday July Kick 19:30hrs

Pre Season Friendly

BorehamWood 1 v Brentford FC 3
Meadow Park
Broughinge Road


Attendance : 201

Weather : Sunny evening - nice.

Customer Service : The club are a bit "up themselves" - of course it does not help that Woolwich Wanderers Ladies team are "ground share tenants"- maybe it was their signage, which made feel rather ill at times.

Stop Press: WEF 3rd August Arsenal Youth team will play their home matches at Meadow Park - following Barnet FC's move from Underhill. I'm now pleased I visited when I did!!

Oddly, this area has always been one of their strongholds - why not Watford FC?

Even, the Borehamwood's manager is ex Woolwich - a one Ian Allison.(Tricky bit part winger - early 80's).
Borehamwood/Elstree is home to the British Film Industry, where many well known classics were been made - such as The Dambusters, Moby Dick, Dr Zhivago and more recently The Shining - some cruelly say that Jack Nicholson modelled his character on your truly - that's not very nice is it readers? 
The local train line is serviced by First Capital Connect, so I was able to get the budding young actor known by his stage name "The Butler" an audition in between his shifts - and you thought train delays were due to leaves on the track - how naive of you all!!
George was so impressed with the Butler's method acting (some say he is just moody - only kidding buddy) that he was offered the lead role in George's new film called "Third in the throne at KFC". Apparently, it is a horror and it will make your guts turn - and I mean literally folks. I do not think we will see the Butler walking up for the famous red carpet for this one - maybe a brown one - but definitely not red.  
Finally, I would personally like to thank George Lucas for his assistance with this production. You will be interested to hear readers, we have secured his services for the rest of the season - he is really keen to see us achieve our goal (no pun intended) of 300 games - so much so he has promised to make a film version called "A bus shelter too far". I will be holding auditions very shortly, so make sure you get those Botox injections you've been promising yourselves sooner rather than later. In, the case of Oaks a hair transplant - hang a minute you could be a straight "shoe in" for Kojak - give him a lollipop and no one will now the difference - that will also save on the budget as well.
This one's for Graeme - "Eye eye Toffee Girl" 
This ones for the Butler - whose has eagerly been awaiting this seasons  first urban decay sighting - okay not quiet pure "UD" for the purists but nevertheless a fine mess - I trust you agree?
Welcome to cell block "Borehamwood".
Here we go, getting closer to some hard core "UD". Are you happy now Mr Butler?
They serve lions in here - only the three mind!
Surely, an element of "business/non business" for the VAT officials amongst the readership - to quietly ponder for the next few weeks or even months in some cases.
High rise living makes a comeback.
The rather fine looking main stand at BW.
One of those "Lowry" style paintings for you. Even in pre season no expense is sparred for our readers.
Meet Uwe Rosler - the current manager of Brentford - probably best remembered for this exploits with Man City - who remembers the goal against "Manure" aka Man Utd and his efforts to remind the "late" Alan Ball R.I.P of his name.
Getting closer to the utopia which is known as "urban decay" - please calm down Mr Butler - you know all this excitement is not good for your blood pressure.
More lewd signage readers.
More of that "cracking" stand -  a real saucy number indeed.
Yep - even in pre season mode we are pleased to provide you with the latest instalment of "cheval watch".
As to be expected, Brentford (for those watching in black and white - they're in the stripes) go close early doors.
Note the hoarding - this is the West Stand which is closed due to asbestos in the roof. It is comforting to know they decided to close the stand after all these years. Funding has been received (£660k) to build a 1,226 seater stand, which will run the full length of the pitch. Completion is expected early next year.
Le Crunch 
Even the subs are in pre season mode - with friendly gestures down the touchline - they will be swapping numbers next.
The large buildings in the background - are DVLA offices - they do not make 'em like that anymore - that's probably the reason why they're closing down.
The friendly club shop - who as you can see do a great line in pies in addition the normal trade of hats and scarves.
Borehamwood  has a fine "high rise" skyline.
Could not resist another shot of that "saucy" stand at night.

Here we go readers - I hope are happy now - I risked my health for you to obtain a picture of the "condemned" stand. Upon reflection, I wonder if the Burger Bar, is more of a health hazard than the asbestos in the roof?? 
If it's BW's ground - why are there two Woolwich Wanderers emblems on this bus shelter?
Finally, it's goodnight from Uwe - who looks pleased with his sides victory tonight ? 

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