Wednesday, 29 May 2013

FC Assyria

Wednesday 29th May 2013 kick off 19:00

Middlesex County Premier Division
FC Assyria 1 v Interwood 1

Northolt Rugby Club
Cayton Green Park
Cayton Rd

Attendance: 36
Weather : Rubbish
Customer Service : Not really applicable at this level.

FC Assyria was set up in the late 1960's to represent the Assyrian Society of United Kingdom in Ealing, West London. Over the past thirty years or so, the team have successfully competed in the local leagues, challenging for both league and cup honours.

The club has also competed in competions abroad, in countries such as Sweden, France, Germany, Holland and the USA. These International Assyrian Cup competions include teams from all over the world and are a good opportunity for Assyrians to gather and compete for silverware at a very competitive level.


The Assyrians of today are the indigenous Aramaic-speaking descendants of the ancient Assyrian people, one of the earliest civilizations emerging in the Middle East, and have a history spanning over 6750 years. The Assyrians are Christian race, with their unique language, culture and heritage.

Rather basic facilities with this one readers.
Despite the signage, I can assure you this is definitely not Torquay readers - but grim Greenford instead. I think the reference to Torquay is in relation to one of the "egg chasing" aka rugby teams which also use the venue.
You never know when a pair of tractor tyres will come in handy.

One for the Nomads!
Getting ready for November the 5th!
Will poor old Homer end up as the guy? Looks like Oaksey has already given him a black eye!
The busy club house - no hand pumps here for Old Fordy alas.
Evidence that we actually had a Spring this year. Note the bloosom.
Train spot number 1 
Meet Ladderman - and I have absolutely no idea why he has decided to view the game from a set of "steps". Some folk are strange - aren't they readers? No need to reply :) 
Austerity style dugouts.

Here's a First Capital Connect Electric Motive Unit Type 329A - As driven by the "Butler".

Here he is again, still standing tall by the way.
Every blog needs one - the corner pin shot.
One of many scuffles.
Emerging from the trains is a Type 1128 Diesel train (S/N 956139)
It's halftime and the hoppers hold court on who has stopped the longest blade of grass.

Another one of those LS Lowry paintings for you readers.
The railway embankment and trees make for a pleasant backdrop in Greenford.  
It's great watching FC Assyria, you can train spot and ground hop at once - now that's what I call multi tasking.


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