Friday, 5 April 2013

Hoddesdon Town FC

Saturday 6th April 2013 kick off 15:00hrs

Spartens South Midlands League First Division One

Hoddesdon Town FC 2 V Southall FC 1
Lowfield Sports Ground,
Park View,
EN11 8PX

Weather: bright and sunny - a welcome relief from the long hard winter of discontent.
Attendance: 148
Customer Service : Ok albeit for the lady in the tea hut - whose customer service skills need a lot to be desired.
Here it is the tea hut - scene of the crime.
The grass is looking good - don't you think?

More of that green green grass - not a bald patch in sight said Kojak.
The "gaffers" body and legs don't match - or is there some else inside that jacket pulling the strings ? Perhaps he is the back end of a panto horse?
Business as usual - shut.
This week's dinner party.
Southall on the attack.
Is it Kung Fu or Football ? Btw the conifers are settling in well down South.
Looks like it is Karate this time.
What's that in the sky ....oh it's the sun.
Hoddesdon grab a thoroughly undeserved winner. Not content with getting Southall's No 8 dismissed - they also blinded the keeper with sunlight to sneak a late late winner in their promotion challenge.
The end thankfully - let's get out of here - now that is a "shaggy" dog story!

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