Monday, 8 April 2013

Enfield 1893 FC

Monday 8th April 2013

Enfield 1893 2 v London Bari FC 0

Essex Senior League - Premier Division
Goldsdown Recreation Ground
Goldsdown Road
Enfield Middlesex

Attendance: 82
Weather : Despite it being a lot warmer during the day, very strong wind made for a cold night.
Customer Service: Very Good.

You always know that you are onto a winner, when you arrive at a ground and you're immediately confronted with urban decay. Let's see how we got on shall we readers?

Looking good - the classic port a kabin club house.
Although the BMW looks a bit out of place here. 
Corrugated iron is always a good sign of urban decay.

During the early 80's, Enfield FC were among one of the strongest sides in the Conference, wining the title in seasons 82/3 and 85/6 and the FA Trophy in 81/2 and 87/8. They slipped into the Isthmian League, and were denied promotion in 1995 due to the club's financial position. In 1999, the club sold it's Southbury Road stadium and embarked on a series of ground shares outside of the borough. However, in an attempt to keep football alive in the borough of Enfield -a group of supporters formed their own club -Enfield Town F.C. During the close of season of 2006/7 the financial position of Enfield F.C. became untenable and the club was forced into liquidation. Enfield Town FC approached Enfield FC proposing a merger, but this was rejected and Enfield FC officials formed a new club Enfield 1893 FC.  

Nice open air seating.
Followed by more junk.
Nuclear explosion on the horizon? Or is it the toxins from the nearby sewage works polluting the atmosphere ? 
Whatever it was, it has made all the leaves "droop".

It has also made this fan go "extra extra extra large" at the tea hut.

High rise living is very popular in EN3. Another, indicator of high quality urban decay being in abundance in the surrounding area.
Yep that's the side effects of nuclear fall out for yer folks.
It must have happen before he paid his gate money.
Looks like they are multiplying - more of the "go lightly" family

Hang on am I seeing double here?

Getting ready for the Geiger counter check.
Are these the seats Enfield Town FC did not want?
Some fans did turn up - despite the fall out.
Some midfield action.
If you ever need a new bed - contact Vic Smith he will be more than pleased to help.

Now for this week's artistic photograph - titled " Bird nest sunset over high rise living".
Another outing for the yellow flimsy. I predict they will be all the rage next season.
As promised readers, more of that corrugated iron.
For those of you looking for a high class establishment for your retirement bash, redundancy "do" or any other social function may I recommend to the Brimsdown Rec. Sports and Social Club.

They do a fine line in bubblegum for Oaksey.
You will not be disappointed with interior decor either and
this is an example of the fantastic night you will have - the "arrows" are an optional extra. No question of supply splitting here then. 
The final piece in the urban decay jigsaw.

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