Monday, 1 April 2013

Royston Town FC

Monday 1st April 2013 Kick off 15:00hrs.

Royston Town FC 3 v Biggleswade Town 1
Evo stick South Central Division League
Garden Walk
Herts SG8 7HP

Attendance: 262
Weather : So so cold
Customer Service: Alright

First the welcome "White board" now the fixtures "White board" - it's true pacesetter really does make you nuts!!
Ice cream in this weather - are you sure?
These turnstiles are like Fort Knox - obviously designed to make sure old "Poey" pays his dues down South.
Nice bit of fencing - "Ranch style" is the "trade" name for this type of fencing.
Another whiteboard!!! It looks like pacesetter is taking over the football world as well - the last bastion of sanity.
This week's Cheval watch.
This is Royston's board room - quite welcoming really - don't you think?
This stand looks cosy - pity they don't have those sofas we saw at Brentwood the other week -isn't it readers - The soft furnishings would be the icing on the cake for this stand. I also like the "ash felting" on the roof - looks like one of your efforts Oaksey?  
Hey is that Poey standing by the scaffolding?
Nice use of chicken wire - I have not seen that since Blue Peter. The algae stained shed - goes well the chicken wire. Could be Lady GaGa's summer outfit?
It's amazing what you can find at football grounds these days - Is this something the Fokkers left behind or is the flywheel from Farmer Giles tractor?
Personally, I don't think you can beat at this one shoot from the corner flag in the blog - have you noticed by any chance?
Nice bit of decking - now in Oaksey's garden.  
Goal no 3 to Royston!
Looks like the conifers are taking root down South as well.
Royston celebrate their victory - good job the TV camera gantry was there.

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