Wednesday, 10 April 2013

FC Basel II

Wednesday 10th April Kick Off 18:00 hrs

FC Basel II  2 v FC Syon II 2
Swiss League Division One
Rankhof Stadium
Gellerstrasse 235

Customer service : Excellent free Mars Bars all round. Had to pay for beer, which is always bad news!.
Attendance : Not known - try Ossie's Dream he might know - eight Spurs fans at least.
Weather: Getting better.

For this one we departed London City airport on the 8:15 to Basel, and surprisingly for Swiss Air it was delayed! At the airport we were very fortunate to "bump into" Ossie's Dream and Paxton 67. Ossie informed us of some other games taking place that evening -  Basel II (Basel Reserve side in effect) and  FC Munttez (a suburb of Basel). Since our hotel was in France (yes I know we are going to Switzerland! - more on that later) we opted for the 18:00 kick off and the rest is history - a bit like Ossie's dream below. 
All together now "Ossies gone to Wembley, his knees have gone all trembley" What a classic lyric, they don't write 'em like anymore do they Chas? A bit like the blog? - That's right isn't it readers?
One for the local "Swiss" coach driver. 
The Swiss really love their allotments - you see them all over the place.
This one comes complete with its very own guard dog as well. 
The Rankhof Stadium aka the concrete slab a  "cold" and "unattractive" construction, if ever there was. Could easily be mistaken for East Berlin pre the wall coming down.  
More concrete landscaping.
The Rankhof full on!  

See even the Swiss, have a taste for high rise living.
Hey - look another ground Graeme! You can get two games "under yer belt" if you play your cards right here. Need the games, need the grounds haw haw. Nice train in the background - the rail service is clean and punctual - must have followed our model then?
As you know the Swiss seek perfection in everything they do, so much so that even their "reserve sides" have their own Ultras. We also bumped into this crowd on their way to the main game the following day - what a claim to fame for them.
More concrete slabs for you.
Hey is that the cat burglar again ? Looks like he "casing" the "joint" to me. Where will he end up next - Crimewatch possibly? 
Another example of precision Swiss engineering - a bit big for yer wrist thou'.
Reserve games in Switzerland are really friendly  - a top tip is to arrive early - the club had kindly laid on a display of the finest chocolate Switzerland can offer. Now you see it - now you don't ! Now that's what you call magic Devo.
Now the match highlight.


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