Friday, 29 March 2013

Glasshoughton Welfare FC

Friday 29th March 2013 Kick Off 11:00 am

Northern Counties East Premier Division

Glasshoughton Welfare 2 v 0 Nostell Miners Welfare
Leeds Road
West Yorkshire
WF10 4PF

Attendance: 307
Weather: cold, bright and dry
Customer Service: Fantastic

Ground hop game 2 of 8

Glasshoughton is a district of Castleford, which is the new home of Castleford Tigers Rugby League Club. The football club still carries the colliery name, even if there's nothing about the Leeds Road Ground to suggest a Miners' Welfare these days. For all of that, its an extremely well appointed ground, and the club accomodated the needs of the bumper crowd with ease. They joined the North East Counties  League in 1985-6 and following re organisations joined the Premier Division in 1991 until the summer of 2008. In April 2007 the club signed former Liverpool keeper Bruce Grobbelaar a local resident for a one off apperance in an attempt to raise funds for the club. Grobbelaar played the full ninrty minutes for the club and was six minutes away from keeping a clean sheet - when his old gooalkeeping antics came back to haunt him.  
One of great things about the ground hop is that you get all and sundry selling their wares.

For example this is the stall of Tel and Tav "Womble (Wimbledon)"fans, who took a short diversion from their Good Friday fixture against Rotherham FC to sell a few badges.
One of their regulars.

A few shoots of the surrounding streets, the building on the horizon is an indoor "snow dome/dry ski ramp" called "Xscape". This year, you could have enjoyed an outdoor snow dome for "nowt".

The local watering hole - no hand pumps alas.
One of the more exciting moments of the game.
The end for now folks.

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