Thursday, 28 March 2013

Atherton Collieries FC

Thursday 28th March 2013 19:45 kick off

Northern West Counties League Division One

Atherton Collieries 0 v Selby Town 0
Alder Street,
Manchester M46 9EY

Attendance: 133

Customer Service : Remarkable - this was the re arranged Thursday night game of the hop - Atherton Colls. stepped in at the last minute when the AFC Emley game was PP due to snow. They provided an endless supply of pie and peas - what more do you require from a football match - some goals maybe?

Weather : A bit warmer than previous night. Only minus 2.

Atherton Collieries F.C. was formed in 1916, by a group of miners from the six pits which were then operative within the district of Atherton as a means of providing welfare for those at home involved in the war effort. When the pits were nationalised, the football club was given to the people of the town. Between 1919 and 1965 they won the Bolton Combination ten times and the Lancashire FA Amateur shield six times a record which is yet to be surpassed. One former notable player is Anthony Piklington, an attacking midfielder who currently plays for Norwich City and Eire. He scored his eight league goal of season 2011/12 in Norwich's two one away win over Spurs - see no bias here - he also scored in Norwich's one nil home win against Man Utd. this season - so he can't be all bad then!   

"Gated" communities also exist outside of London as well.
Coronation Street ?
St John the Baptist's Church Atherton - Market Place. An Anglican parish church built in 1645, On 15th July 1966 the church was designated a Grade II listed building - and thus became a building of "national importance and special interest".  
Atherton's local tattoo artist - ideal for Oaksey. In fact Atherton has a lot to offer...let's have a look shall we?
They also supply cars - this one has one "careful" owner ?? A good runner with long tax/MOT apparently.
The ubiquitous Red Lion Public House.
The town also has a fine line in urban decay both outside the ground.....
[Could be Tottenham High Road after the riots].
and within the ground.
According to local hopper "Graeme the Everton fan" this is a bit of shrapnel that the "Fokkers" left behind during the war. Apparently, they also bombed his chippy as well...some people have no consideration for the nation's finest cuisine do they now !!
Sometimes Graeme, needs to make a quick exit in his pursuit to "get another game or two in" (remember numbers are your friends in the hopping game). The ladders are here to assist with his "escape" over the wall. He always leaves an overnight bag just in case, a European jaunt is involved - experience counts for everthing in the hopping profession. 

This week's No 1 bus shelter.
Meet Horace the Hopper he is "Top Dog" in the North West.
Is that a disused coal bunker or just more urban decay? - As always I'll let you decide.
The Jimmy Fielding Suite - very nice indeed. Atherton is the North West's top venue for corporate entertainment - apparently Alder St.  puts Goodison Park to shame.
See, I told you so, quality pies and peas. I think the plastic fork is the finishing touch - never mind the gravy.
They obviously run out of coal to power the generators in this picture.
Some edited highlights from the game.

Unfortunately folks, this is the nearest we got to a goal. More of the "Northern" excursion to follow very soon. Look for more culinary delights and a special "mystery" guest in the next week's editions of Flysouth Sports News . To be continued...... 

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