Friday, 29 March 2013

Pontefract Colleries FC

Friday 29th March 2013 kick off 13:45

North East Counties League Division One

Pontefract Collieries 2 v Selby Town 2
White Rose Stadium,
Beechnut Lane,
Pontefract WF8 4QE

Attendance: 424
Weather: Light snow
Customer Service: Superb

Ground hop game 3 of 8
The next stop on the hop was the historic market town of Pontefract, the home of liquorice - yes that's right readers pontefract cakes. The local sandy soil is one of the few places in the UK which is perfect for growing the herbaceous perennial. So much, that one well known confectionery company Haribo - now owns both of the town's former liquorice factories. Health Warning - a 56 year old woman was omitted to hospital following an overdose of the confection. She consumed around 200grams a day leading to dangerously low Potassium levels and subsequent muscle failure. However, if you eat a banana a day you will be fine. The banana helps to restore the body's natural level of Potassium. 
Who said that's rubbish - it's all true readers!
Is this a miniature version of Pontefract Castle where Richard II was murdered ? No it's this week's bus shelter watch.
Pontefract is known to have a football club as far back as 1890's when a team presumably of soldiers completed in the West Yorkshire League as Pontefract Garrison.
The men in black (Hey isn't that the Stranglers?) go through their warm up routine. 
The busy "makeshift" club shop.
Some match highlights.

The visiting band of hoppers, helps to swell the crowd at the White Rose Stadium.
Tradesmen entrance.

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