Thursday, 5 September 2013

London APSA

Thursday 5th September 2013 kick off 19:45 hours

Essex Senior League

London APSA 4 v Sporting Bengal 1
Terence McMillan Stadium
Newham Leisure Centre
File:London apsa fc logo.png281 Prince Regent Lane
E13 8SD

Attendance 34
Weather : Still Pleasant
Admission :£6
Programme : £1
Tea : 50p
Game No : 33 New Ground No : 27

London APSA (London All Peoples' Sports Association) were formed in 1993, corresponding with the creation of the first Asian Football League (AFL). They were originally known as Ahle Sunnah. The team was set up by a group of friends from East Ham College in Newham who teamed up with a local youth team, known as Young Muslims, who were no longer eligible to play under 16s football. London APSA were crowned the first-ever Asian League Champions.
The club competed in Asian-run competitions until they decided to join the London Intermediate League in 2000. However the club resigned pre-season and instead joined the Essex Business Houses League Senior Intermediate Division. They played in that division for three seasons, after which they joined the Essex Senior League for the start of the 2003–04 season, and have remained in this league since
APSA play at Newham Leisure Centre, and have benefited from "cash" thrown at the area to improve sporting facilities. The Olympic branding remains today to reflect the generosity of central government.  

Some nearby re generation is still in progress. I hope to have an update for you soon readers.
The main stand at Terence McMillan Stadium . My sources tell me this was previously just a row of plastic seats with very little in terms of cover - how times have changed. 
The men in black go through their paces.
I went through a lot of hurdles for this one readers, I hope you appreciate it.  
This included the throwing of hammers by the local spammers.
Jumping across sand pits.
But when you find a fine bus shelter like this one, its all worth it.
Going round the bend.
APSA and Co take to the pitch.
The refreshments hut - well portakabin actually.
If the football is no good you can always watch the karate instead. Mind you don't get a Barnsley Chop from the one on the far right through. She's a bit camera shy - even though her sister is Miss Sheffield 1974.
See the sign on the left - East End Road Runners - should that read West Ham United ?? 
I think this one sums up London APSA rather nicely. 

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