Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Billericay Town FC

Tuesday 13th August 2013 Kick off 19:45

Billericay Town FC 0 v East Thurrock United 1
Ryman Premier League

New Lodge
Blunts Wall Road
CM12 9SA


Customer Service:Fine
Admission : £10
Weather : Fine summers evening.

Apart from being the home of Billericay Dickie, Billericay also boosts a fine cricket ground. 
Although featured on previous blogs, this is probably one of the greatest records of all time. Okay probably not as good as PiL's "Death Disco" or Magazine's "Shot by both sides".
The track "Billericay Dickie" featured on side one of the Ian Dury's "New Boots and Panties LP" released in 1977.The title derives from his preference of buying clothes second hand, and the track refers to the only items he insisted on buying new i.e. boots and pants. The second hand shop on the album cover was in Walworth Road South London - probably a Tesco express now. The small child, is Ian's  son Baxter - probably an adult now.  
The leafy lanes of Essex - home of many a gangland murder.
A fine view of Old Thorpy country.
This is Mrs Thropy's Tennis Club. Mrs T is very posh.
They managed to obtain this goal after the last England v Scotland game.
They also got this rubbish from Scotland as part of the deal - seems like a good one to me. 
The Billericay clubhouse is the home to some fine Axminister Shag pile carpet - last seen on the Mike Leigh's 70's TV drama "Abigail's party"  - that's right isn't Tone?
Luckily, they were able to fit the honours on one plaque. 
Essex cheval watch - it's easier to spot the donkey.
Billericay Town FC - To remind the locals where they are.
Billericay's biological toilet - who said Essex was full of s###e? Whoever they were, they were right! 
Here's a view from a corner of Essex.
Looks like the dreaded corrugated sheet metal - is slowly making it's way south wards across the country. If I find any more, I'll let you know about this outbreak of corrugated sheet metal - that's for sure folks.
As promised this season, here's another one in our garden shed series.
It's good to see there are no fire hazards under the wooden stand. Who remembers Bradford FC and
Piper Alpha? It's a good thing "Red Adair" is the club mascot.  Even if it is, just his ashes - rather apt when you think about it. 
It's spreading - the corrugated sheet metal that is.
Sunset over " Billy Ricky".
Not the best of playing surfaces, maybe this why the game was so dire?
The suits collect the cash.
Oh yeah, there was a game as well - here's the highlight or should that be low light?   

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