Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Oxhey Jets FC

Tuesday 30th July 2013

Pre Season Friendly

Oxhey Jets FC 2 v Amersham Town FC 4
Altham Way
South Oxhey
WD19 6FW

Attendance :41
Weather: A fine Summers evening
Customer Service : Brilliant

We've not had much signage lately, don't worry Mr P this one makes up for it - in more ways than one.
Who's zooming who on this one?
Fine At Cost stand
Looks like we are at the races for this one - don't lose your shirt again Oaks.
This looks like something the Fokker's left behind - they bombed our chippy during the war did you know that?
Some bricks - maybe they wanted me to build them a wall whilst I was there - sorry not possible - I was on press duties for you readers!!
Oxhey Jets a sight for sore eyes.
Here's the corporate section - apparently the grass is an optional extra. Please do not smoke too much of if either readers. Leave some for the Ed.
Long John Silver walks the plank - scaffold boards what every ground needs.
Nice and basic bus shelters.
One thing I can stay for Oxhey Jets, is they do not let the grass grow under their feet - they let it grow over it as well.
Here's another fine example of their gardening skills.
and one more for luck.
and another lol.
The Cow Shed stand
The last piece of football furniture for you this week readers.
If all else fails, throw the signage on the grass - the grass will grow over it - and the poor supporters will be trapped inside for ever to live on a diet of Cheval burgers and beer - does not sound too bad!.
The Moaners Stand
More corporate seating.
Good to see non league clubs catering for the cyclists on the distribution list.

Unfortunately Dave, arrived late for this one and was unable to take advantage of his parking space, and had to literally run onto the pitch - another triathlon. 
The Oxhey Jungle.
Good to see the pitch in fine "fettle" for the start of the season.
The Cheval watch road show.
Getting the kegs in.
Oh I nearly forgot - there was actually a game on tonight - here's some action shots for you readers.

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