Sunday, 28 July 2013

Berkhamsted F.C.

Saturday 27th July 2013 Kick Off 16:00hrs

Berkhamsted FC  4 v Southend Manor 1
Lower Kings Road

Weather : Cool getting ready for a thunder storm.
Attendance: 72
Customer Service : Nice and Friendly
A slightly different approach to this one readers, first some pictures and thoughts regarding Berkhamsted which is affectionately known as "Berko" by the locals. Berko appears to be the sporting capital of England - firstly it is the home to this fine Bowling Green.
Hang on a mo, this is a football blog first and foremost and whilst we look to stray into other areas form to time to time - the football must always come first.
So without further a do, I would like to inform you of Berko's finest moment. This came in season 2000/1 when the club reached the FA Vase final at Villa Park against Taunton Town. Unfortunately,  they suffered a 2 -1 defeat in front of 8,439 fans. After this, it was all down hill and Berkhamsted Town FC were wound up in 2009. And, like a phoenix from the flames the new club Berkhamsted FC rose from the ashes - sound familiar? Okay now back to the "new" programme.
The "tranquil" Millennium gardens located by the ground.
Home to fine properties - I'm sure the Cat Burglar has these on list to tick off at some stage.
Grand Union Canal - Locks. With the advent of canal transport, Berkhamsted became a hub of inland water transport and boat building activity. Famous for its family run timber merchants from Leyton, East London - J Alsford. Sadly, the site is long gone, and has been replaced by a Canadian totem pole on a housing estate - a nice mix - makes a change from a Tesco Express. 
In the early 1960's, Roger Alsford a great grandson of the founder of the timber yard - James Alsford, went to work at the Tahsis lumber mill on Vancouver Island. During a strike he was rescued from starvation by the local Kwakiutl community. His brother, William John Alsford visited the island, and in gratitude for their hospitality commissioned a totem pole from the Canadian artist Henry Hunt. Alsford warehouses were demolished and replaced by Fairclough Homes with a "new build" housing estate in 1994. However, I'm pleased to report that to this day, the Alsford pole remains erect!   
The town centre is very "oldly worldly" and tends to cater for those with a sweet tooth as evidenced by the picture above.
Despite all of this "niceness" I managed to find our old friend "urban decay" lurking in the background.
Berko's ground is right next to the Grand Union Canal, so old Webby took advantage of this by completing a triathlon on the day. First leg was to cycle to Birmingham, then a swim in the canal and and the last leg - was a run along the river bank to the ground. This is all evidenced by the fact, that his bike is travelled by barge to the ground, rather than the power of Webbo's own legs.
When arriving at the ground, I was greeted by this sight - deep joy!
Some of that fine English Stretcher Bond brickwork for you readers.
Berko's fine main stand - accompanied by two extra large bus shelters - more on this later.
Good use of the conifers to create a natural "break" from the elements. Very common at this level.
Berko swing in one of their many attacks.

As usual, the view from the corner pin - please note the houses on the horizon were built on the old cricket ground.
Pre season chores in progress.
The flats now occupy the grounds of the cricket club. Every get that feeling of deja vu? 
This is one of those clubs - where the Chairman Geoff Chappell literally does everything from cutting the grass to putting up the letters for the next game - quite unbelievable. Here is the evidence readers - as you know readers we have evidenced for everything we do here at Flysouth HQ. We do not get to get caught short at the Hague - like old Slobodon.
Berko's tricky winger fly's down the wing.
Cramp at this stage of the season or is something more sinister?
This cross leads to a .......
near miss for Berko.
This hoarding is a prime candidate for demolition in my opinion.
The rather quaint countryside clubhouse.
Berko on the attack.
Quality brickwork - to be proud of.
More on those extra large bus shelters - they are in fact home to indoor tennis and squash courts of Berkhamsted Tennis & Rackets Club - how posh! 
Despite being so posh, you're roving reporter managed to gain access and obtain this picture for you readers. The tennis club was very nice, could this be the next blog ? The management at Flysouth Press HQ, feel the blog needs to move to a higher level now - all this urban decay is getting me done and I feel that a cat in a bag waiting to drown.


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