Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Thurrock FC

Tuesday 16th April 2013 Kick off 19:45hrs

Ryman Premier League
Thurrock FC 0 V Canvey Island 1
Ship Lane,
Avley Essex
RM 19 1YN


Attendance : 218
Customer Service : Fantastic - old Fordy would love it -being  part of his "neck" of the woods!
Weather: I can confirm it's getting warmer - I think we are in for a heatwave this summer.

Welcome to the waste lands of Essex - home for two of our regulars - Old Fordy and Oaksey.

The River Mardyke - a small river which flows into the River Thames at Purfleet, close to the Queen Elizabeth II bridge aka Dartford Crossing or Lakeside if you are a Chafford Hundred Chav. The name "Mardyke" means boundary ditch, it is mentioned in the Anglo Saxon charter dated 1062 as part of the boundary for Upminster. The river is tidal, and navigable up to Orsett Hall at high tide.

I've found it readers - Oaksey's spare tyre -(you will get one Ryan)

Nice colur scheme - last seen at Carrow Road
Meet Fred in the shed - he is a happy soul.
Here's his brother Bill (just as happy).
It's all uphill from here in. 
Sometimes Oaksey likes to get back to his roots and sleep rough on the terraces. Normally, when he's had a skin full, and Mandz bolts up the 'ouse.

I must say Thurrock have a fine old stand - which would not look out of place in the Conference

The Orsett Hall Hotel - this is where it probably all started to go wrong.  

The Thurrock Ultras - also known as the "Fleet. Despite Thurrock Football Club being formed in April 1985 the club played under the name of Purfleet Football Club until season 2003-4. The change of name occurred due to need to attract a wider audience and extra sponsorship - it was thought that by having a name which represents the whole borough it would help to achieve this. I'll let you decide on this one.

Here we go....some fine urban decay in this one. 

Sometimes, when he's Romford market stall is not doing very well, Oaksey opens at halftime during the match selling clothes pegs and the like. This is our little secret, don't tell the Taxman will you.    

What a back drop for a football - theThurrock Hotel - hey is that "Old Poey" (Remember him from Hemsworth MW readers?) on the steps watching the game for free - old habits obviously die hard.

This week's bus shelter watch.

and again, just in case you missed it first time around

Doing the "okey cokey" - a fav of "Old Fordy" and "Oaks".

The Thurrock Hotel looms in the background.

As old Shaky would say "what's behind the green corrugated iron gate".  

Yep, that's right readers - more corrugated iron.

Plus a couple of lock ups and some tarpaulin thrown in for good measure.

More Essex wastelands.

This one, could be a scene from the "Essex boys murders". Better get back to the match pronto tonto.....

but first a visit to the health suite... which is actually a cover for Oaksey's Tattoo and Tanning Parlour. He thinks this will catch on in Essex, for once he might be right ! Only kidding buddy.

The Canvey fans in their pen - they are a knowledgeable bunch, they can spot a hand ball at fifty miles and they know when the No 4 has "mugged" the ref off.

One of the subs warms up at the snack bar with burger and chips and a diet free Coke for good measure - he doesn't want to get a "stitch" now does he?

There he goes.....good "honest" east end grub Ma.

Can't think of anything to say on this one so its back to the......

Snack bar doing a "roaring trade".

More of the Canvey crew - fresh from the Oil refinery by the looks of it. Where's Dr Feelgood?

What a pic readers - the Thurrock Hotel by night - much better than the Orsett Hotel - don't you think so ? 

More of Poey's mates getting a freebie.

Sorry, readers - could not resist finishing on another pic of the superb main stand. 

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