Thursday, 18 April 2013

Colney Heath FC

Thursday 18th April Kick Off 19:45pm

Colney Heath 0 v Oxhey Jets 0
Spartan South Midlands League Premier Division

The Recreation Ground,
High Street,
Colney Heath,
St Albans,

Customer Service: A bit moody TBH
Weather: A tad chilly compared to previous night.

The Barbie's out - all year if the rust is anything to go by. Adds to the flavour they tell me.
Solid bus shelters
A reassuring sight - don't you agree readers?
To me and you - your local scrappie - always handy to know.
The clubhouse with extended roof - doubles up as covered terracing as well. It's all about the money (or lack of it) at this level readers. 

It was just like a "windy" night in Cambridge Messrs Butler and Drummer

It's not only Di Canio who beats his chest....oh yeah I forgot Tarzan as well. Is this is a secret signal to the referee?
Here he is again readers, the original "short man" cut down again.

I thought we were onto a winner, with the early sighting of a skip - alas this was the only other piece of decay I could find readers - I'm sorry to have let you down on this occasion, please be assurred normal service will be resumed shortly.

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