Thursday, 25 April 2013

Hertford Town FC

Thursday 25th April 2013 Kick Off 19:45 hrs.

Hertford Town 0 v AFC Dunstable 1
Spartans South Midlands Premier League
Hertingfordbury Park
SG13 8EZ

Weather : Mild and pleasant
Attendance :70
Customer Service : Excellent range of bottled real ales and a lovely cup of tea at HT. Much better than their local rivals Hoddesdon Town FC.

Meet Cyril the club shop man. He is very happy in his work - unlike his chums at Thurrock in the last post.
Bunting at football grounds you can't beat it.

Welcome readers
More bunting very classy.
Dave Webb took his bike to get to this one in deepest Herts. I'm not sure they appreciate Lycra in the "shires" though.

Hertford have a great clubhouse they dispense a variety of bottled ales - which you can consume watching the game. A real improved on local rivals Hoddesdon. The line bridge in the background, is the Butler's train line - please do not upset him in the morning - he will take his train away - some of us need to get to work.

The Stable end - great for hay and horse meat.
Roomy - all the horses must be in burgers and pie...or glue pots!
This one was "touch and go".
WWII Pillar box
Some fantastic urban decay shots for your consideration readers.

Every postings got one - the corner pin shot.
Apparently this ones not in NOVA.
How much for scrap Oaksey?
That's a big rolling pin.
The Go lightly family picnic.
Classic old Skool bus shelter - complete with plastic bucket style seats - such a rarity these days.
But this one is in NOVA
This picture reminds me of the film "Close encounters of the third kind" - the scene when the spaceship lands and the trumpets start's true believe me.
Oh yes, I almost forgot there was a footy match - here's a match highlight.
Hertford Town Ultras
Oaks finds some spare seats for the nomads...what about the cupboards? 

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