Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Chelmsford City FC

Tuesday 30th April 19:45pm

Blue Square South Semi Final Play Off First Leg
The Sports & Athletic Centre
Salenro Way

Chelmsford City 1 v Salisbury City 0


Attendance : 1,248
Weather : Cold again
Customer Service : Alright

Welcome to Chelmsford City this evening readers for the Blue Square South semi final first leg play off against Salisbury FC.
The Q.
The 12th man by Delia Smith.
Local Essex Boys Oaks and Old Fordy turned up as well.
Oh please, a sweet shop at a football match - pie and peas is what we want isn't readers!
One arm bandit!
That's the great aspect of athletic stadium - you also get to view the throwing cage as well.
The Salisbury travelling support - with their own Druid.

Throwing cage again.


The end - thankfully readers - I think you can tell I did not enjoy this one. I understand why clubs share at athletic stadiums and they try hard to create an atmosphere - but "ateotd" it is does not really work out. I suppose the fact that the ball went to Mars and back did n't help with the enjoyment factor either. Chelmsford are a very negative team with very little skill, the two probably go hand in hand. Salisbury tried to play when they could, and I think it just goes to show that class and skill will prevail in the end - i.e. In the return leg, Salisbury beat Chelmsford two nil - they now face Dover in the play off final on Sunday 12 th May.   

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