Saturday, 2 February 2013

Leeds United FC

FA Cup Fourth Round
Sunday 27th January 2013 Kick Off 14:00

Leeds Utd 2 v Tottenham Hotspur 1

Elland Road
West Yorkshire
LS 11 0ES

Attendance :29,439
Weather : Cold but Sunny
Customer Service : Miserable

92 club: No 55 of 92

First of all, a very big thank you to Mrs Drummer for the bacon sarnies - went down a treat (inc. Sunderland as well) 

Should read "We are dirty Leeds"

Horse meat aka burger van

Note the snow, the Dummer and the Butler . I must say the car parking facilities at Leeds are really first class - no expense spared as you can see - Peter Risdale spent his money wisely?
Hands up who remembers the Leeds smiley badge and the squad number tags on the socks - probably the only two good things about Leeds
Statue to the late captain of Leeds and Scotland - apparently one of the wreaths is from Kevin Keegan - no animosity there then.
View of Elland Rd from the top of Beeston Hill
Urban decay Yorkshire style
Welcome to Leeds - When Brian Clough arrived he felt so welcome - he told the players to put all their medals in a dust bin bag - they had not won them fair and square - but cheated their way to victory. Needless to say he only lasted 44 days.
The White Hart - could be anywhere - Tottenham maybe ? For the record Tetley Cask £2.65 per pint - not Tottenham then.

Don Revie - The late Leeds, England and Bahrain manager - bit of theme developing here.
 South Yorkshire Police - love's true ask Arthur.
This week's spot Cheddars compo - yep you got it - the winner gets a packet of Cheddars
The main stand - hands up - who thinks this stand is too big for their ground?
Home Supporters
The Officials - 2 out of 3 were awful.
 Gareth Bale he was born to play for Spurs and Real Madrid in the summer
BAE - not British Aerospace - but the Spurs left back
 Getting ready for battle - literally at Leeds
Michael Brown - ex Spurs Midfield - more suited to his current habit than WHL
More handshakes
El Had Diouf - ex Liverpool and Bolton etc - "He spits when he wants"
Spurs go close .
South Yorkshire Police looking for miners to bash.
First "gob" sorry"goal" to Leeds.
Oaks doing a double tea pot
 Second goal to Leeds
The end - The cups a great leveller

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