Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Epsom & Ewell FC

Tuesday 20th March

Combined Counties Premier Division
Epsom & Ewell F.C. 1 v Fareham 4
c/o Merstham FC
Arudel Way
Attendance : 57
Weather : Not freezing - but still chilly in the eves. on the North downs
Customer Service : Excellent - very friendly and welcoming.


For your information E&E FC ground share - therefore all signage refers to Merstham FC
Fine conifers at Merstham - note the ladder to collect the ball - that's what you call grassroots football not treetops.
 The Aubery End
The rather fine main stand at Merstham
Of course the bus shelters ...hang on a mo...
if you take a stroll into the lovely village hamlet of Merstham - you will find this incredible bus shelter. Surely Mr P this shelter will scoop all the awards at your annual society dinner - any chance of a spare ticket?
Hey..it's West Ham v Reading ?? Did n't Reading beat the spanners 4 - 2 over the weekend?
Dave H counting out the fivers at a shed at Heathrow and the Sweeney are doing ninety cos they got the word to go. And Davy Crockett rides around and says it's cool for cats, cool for cats - know you now what I'm talking about surely?    
Sorry folks, the light was falling first and this was the best I could do.
The end

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