Friday, 23 March 2012

Cove FC

Friday 23rd March 2011 Kick Off 19:45

Cove F.C  3 v Ash Utd 2
Combined Counties Premier League
Squirrel Lane,
Hampshire GU14 8PB

Attendance: 87
Weather: Nice day - but chilly in the eve.
Customer Service: Excellent

Some fine signage at Cove.
The waste lands of Cove
Mr P - the opportunity of a lietime - sponsor a bus shelter! 

 See a fine example of what sponsorship can achieve Mr P - maybe you could have "In memory of the GRIT Team" although I hear that they maybe reforming in an office near you? Watch this space.
 I think this sign would look really nice on the side of your bungalow Mr P?
 The club house at Cove
Hey - have we not seen this stand somewhere else recently?
Please do not let this flaky sign put you off - this is the best Indian rest. in Cove - hang on - there's only one!
Pleased to report that urban decay(even vandalism) is present in Cove,
Just for you!
Living proof - that fast food is good for you.
 This reminds me of S'ton v Man ure Utd a few years back - the grey shirts of Ash (how appropriate) are blending in with Cove's concrete.
Cove take a free kick - this is one of their specialities.
Not this time thou' - no cigar alas!
The nets at Cove
Hey - is this an oxymoron - health care - they can't even look after their signs! No thank you - I'll stick with the NHS.

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