Sunday, 13 October 2013

Barnet FC

Sunday 13th October 2013  Kick off 14:00 hrs                                                                          
Skrill Premier

Barnet 1 v Wrexham 1
The Hive
Camrose Avenue
HA8 6AG.

Attendance : 2,143
Admission : £8 Half price deal - South stand terrace
Weather : Heavy rain in the morning, brightening up in the afternoon.
Game No : 56 New Ground Number : 43

Barnet's move to the Hive Edgware

This  move has not been without controversy, firstly the Hive is in Edgware, around 6 miles from Barnet and second the Prince Edward Playing Field (aka the Hive) was originally earmarked as a new ground for Wealdstone FC. The ground was half built but the money ran out in 2004, and the site lay derelict until 2006 when Barnet won the tender from Harrow Borough Council to take over the site initially as their training facility.
Barnet played their first game at the Hive in July this year, but there are some difficulties with the ground. For example the club used planning permission dating from 2008 to build the ground, and applied for retrospective permission to increase the height of the floodlights and the size of the West Stand which backs on to the tube line. That permission was turned down by Harrow Council, so as of September 2013 the club have six months to reduce the size of  the stand, and three months to remove the lights. The club have appealed, and I imagine the process will drag on for years.
And here’s the irony, Barnet would far rather play in, well Barnet! They have a 10 year lease at the Hive, but the long-term plan is to build a 10,000 capacity stadium back home in Barnet. Will Wealdstone step in and fill the void if Barnet vacant ??? To be continued no doubt.

The offending West Stand

                                   If the games a bore, you can always watch the tube go by instead.

Some famous faces in the crowd - can you name them?
The United Colours of Barnet.

As you can see the floodlights are rather high - luckily there are no dwellings nearby to be effected  by the glare. Although this does not appear to have helped Barnet with their planning application.

Meet Benny Hill - he is a big name on the "hopping circuit" (the gentlemen in beige). Can you help   him please - he appears to lost his green sports bag ? Even better can you name him ? There is a prize - yes you've guessed it a green sports bag ! Hate to think what lies within that bag.

Wet Wrexham fans.

Dry programmes are an optional extra at the Hive

Wet Wrexham fans wander the streets in shorts and T shirts.

Hoppers HQ aka the club house

Meet Dave leader of the Barnet Ultras

Melee in the box.

Resulting in this confrontation, where Davids decided to use a crafty elbow on a Wrexham player. 
Edgar Davids to the Barnet Bench "Hey run my bath I'll be off in two minutes"
and true to his word - he was. Oh well, looking on the positive side - it's not everyday you see an ex European Cup Winner sent off for an elbow. Must be a first for the record books.
Wrexham prepare for their free kick

and scored a well deserved equaliser.

The Railway Arms at Edgware Tube Station - what a waste.

Whilst in the area, I took the opportunity to "check in" on Edgware Town's defunct White Lion ground. For your information Edgware Town F.C. were established in 1939, and the club was dissolved at the end of the 2007–08 season due to a lack of funds. The club played in the Isthmian League and the Spartans South Midlands League, famous players include Mark Stein and Dave Beasant. Let's see what I've found for you. 

Upon arrival I was greeted by this beast of a machine, but fear not your intrepid reporter ploughed on in the search of the truth.

Sadly the pictures above are all that remains of this classic old ground. 

From the signage,  it looks like the ground will be re developed for luxury flats for which nobody on a normal salary will be able to afford. Then again, how will the Tesco Express survive....I'm sure they will find a way - payday loans?  


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