Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Hatfield Town FC

Tuesday 3rd September 19:45 hours

Spartan South Midlands League - Premier Division

Hatfield Town 1 v Biggleswade United 4
Hatfield Town F.C. badgeGosling Sports Park
Stanborough Road
Welwyn Garden City
Herts AL8 6XE


Attendance : 25
Admission : £6 (including programme)
Tea : 80p
Game number 2013/14 : 31    Ground Number 2013/14 : 25
Weather : Good

Hatfield Town previously played at Stonecross Road in the older part of Harfield and close to the Birchwood estate.
The land was originally leased to the club for a peppercorn rent by Lord Salibury's estate.
Hatfield Town played in the Metropolitan League for many years as a semi professional club playing against the third teams of many of London's professional teams. They also took part, as part of the Metropolitan League in the first FIFA initiative on the offside rule.
They became members of the South Midlands League and winning it by going through a season unbeaten.
When the lease expired at Stonecross Road the club were forced to relocate at the other end of town on a newly developed site without any council assistance. The club played in the South Midlands league for a number of seasons before the long running financial constraints over took the club.
Following a successful campaign Herts County League Premier Division finishing the top of the table of 2007–08 season they were promoted to Division One of the Spartan South Midlands League for the 2008–09 season. A third place finish saw them promoted for a second successive year, to the Spartan South Midlands League Premier Division.
In the 2010–11 season the club moved to Gosling Sports Park in Welwyn Garden City. Which in addition to the athletic facilities also boasts a cycling track (velodrome).
Question - Does anybody know of any other grounds this may apply too?

Welcome to Gosling Sports.
The overhanging clubhouse in the sky - also serves as a roof for the main stand. Note the "velodrome" on the outside of the running track. 
Just in case you get lost.
As always, a modern housing development lurking in the background.
If you are lucky you can get to "tick off" some athletics as well.
Lets not forget our old favourite urban decay.
This one reminds me of the spaceships in Star Wars or was it War of the Worlds ??  
A good session by the look of things.
As always Dave W travelled by bike to this one.

Looks like a game of subetto.
This is the nearest you will get to terracing at Gosling Stadium
Just as well, given the condition of the seats.


  1. With reference to your cycling question. A few years back there was a team in the Combined Counties League called St Andrews. They played at a cycling venue in South London.

  2. Good to see someone reads these blogs - Thanks Pieman.

    Was that the velodrome in Herne Hill by any chance?