Saturday, 3 August 2013

Wembley FC

Saturday 3rd August 2013 Kick Off 15:00 hours

Combined Counties Premier Division

Wembley Town FC 1 v Farnham Town FC 3
Vale Farm,
Watford Road,

Attendance : 42
Weather : Fantastic
Customer Service : Good

One of those fine summer's day when all there is to do, is to busk in the sun. As you can see, the laundry "person" would certainly pass Danny Baker's door step challenge.
As with South Kilburn, which I visited last season on Cup final day readers [ whereby lowly pie eaters aka Wigan beat the Man Chitty fat cats] -if you look careful on the horizon readers you can see the famous arch of Wembley stadium.
Wembley go for goal early doors and that was about it from them!
Three guesses who the sponsors of Wembley are?
That's right Budweiser - they've literally poured (excuse the pun) millions into the club. During last season's FA Cup campaign they hired Terry Venables, Ray Parlour, Martin Keown and Graeme Le Saux in an attempt to reach Wembley Stadium - would have been easier to walk the short distance me thinks?
Looks like the pitch is so bad, they've been forced to move the touch line forward.
More of Wembley Stadium - two grounds for the price of one in this edition - now that's what I call a bargain - hey I've had an idea - does that count as another visit? (need the games) - it certainly does if your name's Graeme. 
One of our old favourites - the sit on lawn mower.
Great bit of urban.
The main stand.
View from the corner pin.
Adjacent to the ground, situated in what I believe is an ex local authority building I came across this mural - I think it is the remains of a "Green Cross Code" campaign - who remembers that rubbish?
Always good to see the emergency access gates well bolted up.
Packed Terraces
Those Budweiser signs have really worn well - don't you think ? Just like the beer - weak as p***!
This week's spot the ball compo - the winner gets a pair of tickets for next year's cup final - courtesy of Flysouth Sports

Here's more of that mural - definitely a Green Cross Code campaign reference the Ice Cream Van, the child and the car.
Nice and "dry" wooden rafters - one flick of El Tel's cigar and this will go up nicely - maybe that's the idea - As we know, Tel loves a nice insurance job.
Here comes the rain clouds to put a damper on Terry's latest money making scheme. Never mind, I'm sure something else will come along maybe a TV Detective series ? Shelley would be a good name or how about astro turf aka plastic pitch - this way second rate London teams could have their 15 minutes of fame...I think this one could work - try Oldham as well - to show there is no favouritism to the South.
El Tel's Construction Co.
Followed by a bit more urban.
and finally the lawnmower graveyard
Who lives in a place like this ? Love the tyres!
Here's a pair of Australian wheel barrows.
More of the arch. 
Wembley's a really strange place, on one hand you have places like this - which the cat burglar would like to visit - note the garden fence for easy access - think someones done this before.  
and then this..... 

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