Monday, 19 August 2013

Aveley F.C

Monday 19th August Kick Off 19:45 hours

Ryman League North Division

Aveley FC 3 v Chatham Town FC 1
Mill Field,
Mill Road,
RM15 4SJ

Attendance : 116
Customer Service : Bar shuts after half time and Tea was cold - apart from that ok - friendly enough.
Weather: Fine
Game No 19
Welcome to the Urban Decay Section 

Evidence of Essex mans favourite past time (see debris on the ground) - stripping copper from cabling - they tell me it's a  lucrative business, but the risks are high risks. Apparently Oakes has an England Cap for this pastime. 
It has to be said - Essex is the home of the finest urban decay in the South of England. 
Here's a shed load of it. 
Now for the Ground/Game
Welcome to Aveley FC - Sponsored by the Taste of Aveley - guaranteed to make you run. 
The wastelands of Aveley.
The refuse bin still bears the scars of the famous Thurrock riots.
Aveley is the home of a fine main stand - here's the rear view.
The local Scout hut - the Scouts are obviously more interested in shredding cabling than cutting the grass.
Meet the hunchback of Aveley - there's a theory that the people of Essex are "in bred".
This is the club shop - apparently they had a break in last season and they've been unable to recover from this. Probably the Scouts looking for cabling ?

Aveley is the home of a fine 13 step terrace.
Here's a closer view. 
If all fails, construct a stand out of scaffold poles - this should keep the grading inspector happy. 

Here's a full frontal of Aveley's fantastic main stand.

Aveley's equaliser.
Goal No 3
6/10 for artistic impression.
"I'll give you 8/10 for the weave"
This is the sight of the old bus shelter, which was sold for scrap by local Essex crims - Messer's Thorpy and Oakes. 

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