Saturday, 11 May 2013

South Kilburn FC

Saturday 11th May 2013 kick off Noon

Combined Counties League Division 1

South Kiburn FC 1 v Mole Valley SCR 1
Vale Farm
Watford Road
North Wembley

Attendance: 100
Customer Service : Good
Weather : Cold and Windy

The line ups 
The line ups - is there an echo?
The concrete jungle - reminds me of school - what about you readers? Oh I forgot some of you cannot read....let alone spell...who said "people in glasshouses etc" 
Limited edition bus shelters - only seen on special occasions - like Cup Final day.
Some people would rather stand, than watch the game from the comfort a bus shelter.
The main stand at South Kilburn.

The daisies are coming along well in the goal - must be the greenhouse effect.
SK's No 9 flattens the Mole's centre half.
One knock out and a submission - could be wrestling.
Here he goes again!
If it all gets too much at SK - here's the escape route - don't tell Pooey he will use it to "bunk" in.

There are a number of grounds on this complex - great for getting the games in - that's right isn't it Graeme? 
If you look straight ahead, you can see the faint outline of the Wembley Stadium's arch in this picture.(No, that's not another tick Oaksey - he is so desperate to get grounds and games in!) 
An exclusive L.S Lowry painting of South Kilburn FC ground for you readers.
It's was cup final day and Man City fans were out in force - this one 's kindly pointing out the exit for Mancini.
The game took place on the morning of the cup final - consequently the hoppers were out in force.
It's that No 9 again.
Miniature bus shelters for the spectators - how thoughtful - I think these could be all the rage next season.  What say you Mr P?
                     Another Lowry classic for you readers. May I start the bidding at £50 please?

Vale Farm combines concrete and pebble dashing to produce Britain's finest piece of construction since that other well known farm - Broadwater. I predict a riot  - Spurs require some extra funding from central government for their new ground.

Here's another City fan in pursuit of some silverware this season - no matter how much it costs!
Ah the end - and the end of season for me.

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