Sunday, 5 May 2013

Maldon & Tiptree FC

Sunday 5th May 2013 Kick Off 15:00hrs

Ryman League North Play Off Final

Maldon & Tiptee FC 2 (2)  v 2 (2)* Thamesmead Town
Park Drive,

2 - 2 (90 mins) and 2-2 aet (120 mins)
Thamesmead win 4-1 on penalties

Thamesmead are promoted to the Ryman Premier League
(This means longer reports for Colin Muir)

Customer Service : Fantastic - they increased the prices so the fans could get accustomed to Ryman Premier League prices in the close season - its the "thought that counts".

Attendance: 324
Weather : Hot for a change.

Maldon Town were formed in August 1946 as part of the Maldon Social and Athletic Club. In September 2009 the club was taken over by nearby Tiptree Utd, with Tiptree moving to Maldon's ground. In 2010, Tiptree withdrew from the Essex Senior League and were amalgamated into Maldon Town to form Maldon & Tiptree F.C.
Ryan took the company van to this one. 
Not a good start for Maldon - they got the day of the game wrong - it was played on a Sunday not a Saturday.
Even the locals did a double take at the admission prices! 
Here's Col the Jock - complete with plastic bag - he's Thamesmead's biggest fan!
It was truly a lovely day for a game of football - given the way the weather's gone of late this was probably our summer.
Note : Main stand still bears the original name of Maldon Town F.C.
The Wallace Binder Stadium has a grassy bank - perfect for sitting down with a few cans for company - just need to be mindful of the adders! No, Womble I'm not talking about a pint of snakebite. 

Every clubs got 'em - The club tie and blazer brigade aka "The Committee"
It's getting busy in the box!
The Maldon manager "giving it large" after their second goal. 
  Not surprisingly Col's not looking very happy! 
 Sometimes it was just like watching Barcelona.
Thamesmead's No 9 pegs one back with a 30 yard screamer.
The celebrations.
Thamesmead managed to get another, to make it two all at the break - no wonder Col's looking happier now.
The second half was a cagey affair - no one team pressing for the winner - although in the last minute the Thamesmead keeper made a fantastic save from Balesque free kick. 
Heads you win - tails you lose - that's life readers.
Meet the "Hoopers" from left to right "The Lad" "Runwell" "UK Punky" "Everest" and last but not least "Splodge".
So after 120 mins it ended 2-2 - the lottery of pens was next.
Maldon's very own Lionel Messi steps up to take the kick you think he looks nervous readers?
Well he certainly was, and the 'Mead keeper makes a fine save.
and Thamesmead score their penalty.
and another - to win the lottery 4 -1.

Apparently Col's under there somewhere!
Don't worry readers he managed to survive, and is very much alive and looking forward to watching Thamesmead Utd in the Ryman Premier League next year - note - not the Premiership haw haw. 
Thamesmead celebrate their promotion - can you spot Col in this pix? - A free Thamesmead season ticket to the first reader to do so - that's right isn't it Col?
One for the Clubhouse wall!
As you can see,  Col's very popular amongst the Thamesmead playing staff. 
Needless to say the ground soon emptied after the home teams defeat, and I was able to obtain some spectator free ground shots just for you.

Although football features quite predominately in this blog, it is not all about the beautiful game and  every now and then I try to inject some culture into your lives. Maldon is a very nice place to visit for a day out - for example Promenade Park which as the names suggests backs onto the River Blackwater the scene of the Maldon Mud races.
Once a year - the locals dress up in fancy dress and race across the mud banks when the tide is out for charity. This is probably where old Oaks gets his panache for dressing up as a football mascot from - btw you're suppose to give the clothes back at the end mate - not wear 'em to work!  

Just to show I did not make up the bit about the "Maldon Mud Races" here's the footprints to prove it for all you doubting Thomas' out there! 
Meet "Byrhtnote the Earldom of Essex"  - a leading military figure of the time who confronted he Vikings at the Battle of Maldon. I know Byrhtnote is similar to Bysouth, but I can assure you we are not related readers - or maybe we are?

A bit of history and culture combined in a single "posting" I'm certainly spoiling you this week readers. 

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