Saturday, 23 March 2013

Brentwood FC

Thursday 21st March 2013 Kick Off 19:45hrs

Brentwood Town FC 1 v Wroxham 1
Ryman League North
The Arena
Brentwood Centre
Doddinghurst Road
Plilgrims Hatch
Brentwood CM19 5NN

Attendance: 41
Weather : Artic conditions
Customer Service: Very Good.

Take note - it is very dark and cold in Essex...and full of strange people with two heads

On a freezing cold night, this was certainly a sight for sore eyes.
Looks like Bugs Bunny has had too much carrot juice!
Miss World!
Welcome to Essex - The home of .... 
blue containers and corrugated iron.
The green green grass.
This week's horsemeat watch!
Oakes living room.
The sideboards need a bit of care and attention mate!
Table for two sir?
Solid brick bus shelters.
Always need a TV gantry, you never know when Sky will visit.
The local builders gather in the clubhouse.
The line ups
On the same night Brazil were playing Italy, needless to say at times this was far more interesting.
Tractor and
some strange sponges (or splodges) ..not of the magic variety.
View from the corner pin

More of the Oakes living room - still empty.
By the way, the Brazil game ended 2-2.
This is how Essex folk watch their football - behind bars!
Some midfield action.
Oakes tries to keep warm by running the line.
Goal to Brentwood.

From days gone by the touchline paint roller. 
You can tell you are in Essex - it's Camber Sands - can't you see the bucket and spade!

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