Sunday, 3 March 2013

Accrington Stanley FC

Saturday 3rd March 2013

League Division 2

Accrington Stanley 0 v Torquay 0

Store Stadium
Livingstone Road

Weather: Not that cold really
Customer Service: Great - Stanley leave so called "big" clubs with a lot to be desired.
Attendance 1,197

92 Club No 56 of 92

Welcome to Lancashire - Home of the war of the roses - well one half at least.The Wars of the Roses were a series of dynastic wars fought between supporters of two rival branches of the royal House of Plantagenet: the houses of Lancaster and York (whose heraldic symbols were the red and the white rose, respectively) for the throne of England. That's the history lesson over, now for something completely different readers.

An early depature from Euston, enabled us to arrive in time to witness "Preston's hanging of the shoes" show.
Preston Station
EMU 1152 aka the 12:22 to Accrington
You can see where this story is going...algae stained bus shelters a rare treat in these eco friendly times. 
The ubiquitious Tesco "Extra" stores lurks nearby - purveyors of fine horesemeat ! 
The Stanley skyline - note the Cornation St style housing which leads us nicely onto...
A fine Indian restaurant - with excellent external decoration but...
wait for the garden - a fine advert for al fresco dining.

Accrington is heaven for an urban decay hobbist.

Who says I talk a load of rubbish ! George Orwell's the "Road to Wigan Pier" has nothing on this.  
The finest "rendering" money can buy.

Fine Ales dispensed here . Timmy Taylor's landord £2.70 a pint. Say no more than that. 

Oakes points the way for the nomads - he is always on duty! 

See, here is looking for merchandise.
Accrington's ground is a fine example of how to construct a ground using "box section"and red paint.  
Stanley's story.
Looks like the rust is settling in nicely.
Travelling Torquay fans take advantage of the space available to "sprawl" across the South stand.
Stanley Ultras - not to be messed with.
Le cunch!!!
Midfield action.
The Stanley story part 2.
This week's "horsemeat"watch.
More box section - see you can do wonders with it - who needs a Meccanco kit!
Half time entertainment.
The outcome.
In the second half Stanley stepped up the pace, in their attempt to avoid another exit from the league.  
This week's spot the ball competition. 
Do you every get that feeling of de ja vu?

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