Thursday, 19 July 2012

Shelbourne FC

19th July Friday 2012 kick off 20:00

Irish Premier Division - Airticity League

Shelbourne FC 1 v Drogheda Utd 2
Tolka Park
Dublin 9
Attendance :1311
Weather : Surprisingly good
Customer Service : Excellent - very friendly

Dublin's fair city ...Cockles and Dicky Mussels

Irish Revenue Commissioner's HQ and you thought ????? - Censored by the Ed.

Hey - that looks familiar - could it be  "X"  taking up a new post 

Good hours - says Dave Walton - hang on should be 10 to 2

Urban decay in Eire - think we saw these posters at Scunthorpe.

Whisky in the jar - Thin Lizzy - meet the stars with Flysouth Tours - whose next Gary Moore in "Parisienne Walkways"   

The Parnell Pub - the finest bar in Dublin for fine ales and conversation -?

Even has his own house

The Cat and Cage Guinness 3.5 Euro cheapest pint in Dublin - Nr Tolka Pk

River Tolka runs between Shels FC and Croke Pk - National Stadium for Irish Sport

Oakes popped in here - and I never saw him again.

More later 

An Irish BS for Mr P

Do love a mural

Hey are the Cockney Rejects -(West Ham) in town?

The subs bench

Flag waving time

Shels Ultras - they do love an 80's pop song - SLF or Undertones are popular - Fergal

This week's spot the Syrup Compo - Is it Oakesy after a visit to the hair piece establishment in earlier pix ?

Lovely Fish & Chip at Tolka

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