Saturday, 28 April 2012

Scunthorpe Utd

Saturday 28th April 2012

Scunthorpe Utd 1 v AFC Bournemouth 1
League Division One
Glanford Park
Jack Brownswood Way
North Lincs.
DN15 8TD

Attendance : 4,422
Weather : Cold but dry for once
Customer Service : Excellent - facilitated an article in the prog. to celebrate the Pieman's 92 ground visit.
Pie and Mushy Peas

92 Club No 49 of 92

Welcome to Scunthorpe, who are these street urchins?

This match marked the Pieman's visit to all 92 league grounds - to mark the occasion we arranged for an entry in the programme - see your messages section - last msg above.
This how they dry their washing in Scunthorpe!
The Honest Lawyer PH - If you find one let me know. Hey is that libel or slander?
 The big event in Scunthorpe - Scott May's Daredevil Show
 Scunthorpe High Street - Urban decay in perfection - closed shops covered in Scott May bill posters. Hey who remembers the 70's legend - post no bills here?
The Buccaneer - seen better days
 Open plan living
 Our friend Scott again - Quality trucks

Healthy living again.
Last of the Mohican's
Hey - Rihanna's in town!
 A fine view of Glanford Park
Must be something in the water - which turns folks hair pink up North
 Somebody goes close - the most exciting moment of an otherwise poor game.
Hey, who said stewards are chinless wonders - this one's got five!
 More washing your dirty laundry in public
Nice to know!
Have you Bobby Ball? 
Bobby Ball Junior and Senior
Round of applause for the Pieman - the crowd have just been informed of his exploits over the PA system  
Another magic moment.
Not again - the End. 

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