Saturday, 10 March 2012

Raynes Park Vale FC

Saturday 10th March 2012 kick off 15:00hrs

Raynes Park Vale 1 v Hanworth Villa 5
Combined Counties Premier Division
Prince George's Playing fields
Grand Drive
Raynes Park
Merton Surrey
SW20 9NB

Attendance: 27
Weather : Spring like
Customer Service : Excellent

It's good to see that football teams are also using white boards and not just pacemaker!
You get a fine view of the SW London skyline from RPV!
Puts your bus shelter's to shame - some what Mr P!

One nil to Villa  - Hanworth that is not Aston.  
A fine stand - note the corrugated iron finish - that's got be worth a few bob scrap?
Another shot of that fine scrapheap sorry a Freudian slip there - I mean stand.
Through the square window today viewers we can see.......

Ah the bus shelters at RPV.

More corrugated iron - excellent - Oaksey get the tipper quick.
Hey is he waiting for a bus?
RPV get ready with their freekick.
Is it a bird, it is a plane..not it is super lino!

Red card!

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