Sunday, 29 May 2011

London Legends Cup - Craven Cottage Fulham SW6

Sunday 29th May 2011

London Legends Cup
Fulham FC
Craven Cottage
Stevenage Rd
London SW6 6HH

Fulham 1 v Chelsea 3
Arsenal 0 v Spurs 2......another three points this season!


Chelsea 4 v Spurs 0

For Glynn the barman at the Butler's local in Ely

A house in a football ground how strange.

As it says on the tin roof - Fulham Football club

Dave Beasant in full flight - that's a first
The tackles going flying in..ouch
Amy was there with her friends

The beautiful game in full flow
If the football's boring, you can always go for a stroll by the river
The mighty legends line up - notice the glow from the Spurs shirts - obviously passed the Daz doorstep challenge - Danny Baker - Millwall fan
Ricky Villa and Darren Anderton - what a midfield pairing when fit! 
Ian Walker - probably a better outfield player than a keeper - at least he finds it funny
Old Brooky off to the chippy - so there! 
Ramon Vega another well known Spurs Legend (is that an oxymoron) sticks to two fingers upto the crowd - nice!
Ah the Michael Jackson statue - which caused such a stir. Probably, only second to Oakes on the dancefloor.

Stan "Collie more" looking rather "dogged" these days
Some people say that Fulham's ground loos like a local town hall - I couldn't possibly comment.
A nice bit of wiring - part P - no doubt.

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  1. Hi! Is there a link to watch this these matches online? I was there and the camera passed by my friends and I and I would like to try to see it! Thanks. Amy